About Your Coach

What is Coaching and Why might I need it?

Think of me like your Accountability Partner, Confidant and a Life GPS all rolled into one. In today's fast paced world, we are told that multi-tasking and reaching our desired outcome should be ingrained in us, that it is merely having the discipline to push forward that allows us to achieve that sought-after work/life balance.

Let's be honest here, as humans we are not born with the necessary skills and coping strategies we may require to lead our best lives. As a Coach I am able to offer another perspective in overcoming issues you may be experiencing in attaining your desired life, to believe in you when you may not yet believe in yourself, and to push you to stretch and grow into who you want to be.

Who Does Suzanne Work With?

My clients come from many different backgrounds, work experiences, age demographics and educational levels. What they have in common is a feeling that something is off. They want more out of their lives and know that they are capable of great things. They are Individuals trying to balance the demands of everyday life with their health and lifestyle goals, while keeping meaningful relationships with Family and Friends.

They are young professionals who are feeling disenchanted with their current roles and are seeking guidance and meaningful support to plan their next path. They are entrepreneurs and multi-level marketing professionals who would like mindset and business planning for themselves and to learn how to best support their teams. They are also busy Executives who are looking to improve themselves physically and find that optimal work/life balance.

Meet your Coach!

I have always been drawn to people, preferring to be the listener than the talker in the room. It was my fascination with people that drew me to complete my BA in Psychology from the University of Waterloo in 1998.

I deep down believe that we are all capable of great things given the appropriate level of desire, support and knowledge. I have spent 17 years helping Canadians in various Financial Advisory roles and was drawn ultimately to Financial Planning because I desired to make a great difference to the families I was honored to work with. I noticed over the years however that many of the concerns, issues and stress that they were experiencing in their finances often times was a direct result of something on the outside that seemed unrelated. An area that I was not in a position to offer direct support in.

I could draft the best plan out there, but if clients were experiencing mindset issues or were not taking care of their health, those strategies did little good to allowing them to live their best lives. Nor could I speak to their relationships with their spouse, children, parents etc. It was my frustration as a Planner and as an individual who was trying to balance work, family, health and happiness that I sought out Coaching.

Now as a Coach I am equipped to work with my Clients across various channels and not one concentrated niche. I am Accredited both as a Professional Financial Planner and as a Certified Coach Practitioner with the Certified Coaches Federation. I am a fully Certified Life and Success Coach with training in NLP, Emotional Freedom Techniques, TIME Techniques and hypnosis in order to ensure every client I work with has the opportunity to unlock all of their limiting beliefs to achieve the best version of themselves.

My philosophy has always been “practice what you preach” and my clients can rest assured that I have gone through and continue to use the strategies that I teach in my day to day life.

“There comes a time in your life when you need to stop reading other people’s books and write your own”

- Albert Einstein.

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