NLP 90 Minute
Transformation Session

This may be the most impactful 90 minutes you have ever experienced! This intensive session begins with us digging really deep into your identity and what goals you would like to accomplish. From there we will begin to identify any self limiting beliefs that are blocking you from achieving your desired result. Self limiting beliefs can involve your thoughts around money, your perceived level of intelligence , your perceived  skill level in achieving your outcome or your level of confidence for instance.  Our subconscious mind is our internal GPS that based upon our individual programming sets us on a path toward our destination. There are times as a result of our programming we need to upload new maps to replace old ones that no longer serve us. This is where Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is priceless. Through NLP techniques we can address belief and behaviour patterns that are reducing the likelihood  of achieving our best lives.

Each session from that point forward will be different from client to client as no one is exactly the same. We are all unique beings who deserve more then a cookie cutter approach to achieving our desired outcome.  We accomplish this by using TIME techniques, Anchoring, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Mapping Across, Single Belief Change, and Parts Integration to name a few. Please note not all techniques will be used in each session only the ones that are applicable to your situation.  This high impact 90 minutes has been used to address Food dependencies that may be unhealthy for you, overcoming negative thought patterns that once we have completed will propel you forward towards your goals as well as addressing situational anxiety and fear with coping strategies.  Please note that these sessions are 1 time 90 minute sessions so clients may be required to prioritize which behaviors they want to address.  For clients with multiple self limiting beliefs and assistance with stepping into their higher selves 1 to 1 Coaching may be a preferred option as all of  these techniques are available to my Private Coaching Clients.

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