The Abundance Apprenticeship Program

The Abundance Apprenticeship Program

Where Women and Men stop being held back by old stories that they carry around Wealth Accumulation, developing in the process a wealth generation mindset like nothing they have ever had before.

·     You are so sick of feeling like you are behind your friends and colleagues financially, watching them enjoy the life you want.

·     Your making money but you can’t seem to understand why you are living paycheck to paycheck in this debt cycle that you can’t break

·     You’ve reached a plateau in your career and finances and no matter what you do you can’t seem to get past it. You watch as others at work are promoted who are less competent then you are and feel that you are being left behind.

·     When you think about your money situation and wealth you just want to hide under your covers and not deal with any of it.

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Every decision you make in life and business is somehow tied to your belief about money.  I get it you likely don’t want to hear that. I’m here to tell you If you don’t like what’s happening another book or more knowledge is not going to fix it. You need to get to the real deep gnarled root of what it causing you to believe and act a certain way and dig it up!

Listen ,I have been there. I have struggled , now that I can look back most of my life with a deep belief I didn’t even know existed, until my eyes were opened and it was completely exposed.

 Stop wasting anymore of your time not being where you know you want to be.

Imagine how light and peaceful you will feel when you are no longer held back by concerns around money or arguing with your partner about what bill to pay next.

 Imagine the life that you will be able to create for yourself, your family and your community when you align with wealth accumulation and not that constant cycle of pay check to pay check .

Take a moment to really think about how the promotion you have been seeking is on the other side of getting past your money blocks.  

The Abundance Apprenticeship combines my decade long experience dealing with High Net Worth investors as a trusted Financial Planner and my deep understanding of how to transform your subconscious mind as a trained NLP Practitioner and Mindset Coach. It is by combing both areas that is the secret to true transformation with money and wealth accumulation.  This course is not a surface level mindset course, this course is not an investing course either.  This course IS about opening you up to why your mind has been holding you back and working through Financial concepts in a totally new way. In this course you will build out not only the right mindset but uncover the importance of having your own specialized team to help you succeed now and in the future.

Your Apprenticeship includes:

-       6 Weekly group Coaching calls in a Private Facebook group that allow us to uncover your money blocks, develop your new financial persona, and finally implement the mindset work to make your dreams a long term reality (value at $750)

-      Life time access to the group

-      Group TIME technique session to discover what has been personally holding you back (valued never offered in this setting before as I only do this with my Private Clients)

-       VOXER support with me for the 6 weeks of the program (valued at $222)

-       Workbook of journal prompts, diagnostic tools and worksheets to reprogram your subconscious mind (valued at $125)

Total cost for the 6 week program

$497 plus applicable HST

(Program closes October 1, 2022)

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How do I know that this program will work?

 The steps that I teach in the Abundance Apprenticeship are the very ones that I have used and still use to this day to completely transform my relationship with money and success. I spent 18 years in Finance, was equipped with multiple professional designations, was constantly surrounded by wealth and still self sabotaged my success at every step of the way.

My deep beliefs about money not only impacted how I dealt with my finances, it impacted my relationships with others, my ability to receive, my performance in my career, how I chose (unknowingly) to live and my health.

For years I could never crack the code of why I was not living the life that I knew I was capable of achieving. IT was not until I combined my learnings as a trained NLP practitioner with my training I developed when I was a Financial Planner that I was able to understand the root of why and begin healing that wound.

Once I understood what belief was holding me back  I was able to release to see my life has changed in incredible ways!

I have lived with both a fear and excitement about wealth and I can tell you that being excited is a far better way to live then in perpetual fear that you will never have the life you desire .

Now is your time to join me inside the Apprenticeship.
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