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Revitalize your Potential, Organize Your Mind, Exponentially Improve your Life.

It’s time to gain the clarity and the confidence to take control of your career AND your life… in just 6 months:



Join the transformative life and business program meticulously designed for financial professionals who are ready to unlock their full potential and create the balanced, successful life they’ve always dreamed of.


Are You Stuck In That Purgatory Between Ground Zero And Massive Growth?

You’ve got it all going for you. 

Or so it seems. 

From the outside, you’re able to manage everything - the rock that everyone turns to.

But on the inside, your world is crumbling. And when things come crashing down on you, it feels like it comes from all angles.

You feel you’re walking that fine line between getting it all done and coming undone.

And, your inner voice is practically screaming above the noise:

“There has to be a better way.”

When things come easily, you’re afraid it’s too good to be true. And, even when you break your big business goals, you barely have time to savor it before moving on to the next thing.

It’s never enough. 

And your limiting beliefs start running the show:

This is way too good to last.

Maybe I’m not meant for success.

Do I even belong here?

You feel anxious and riddled with imposter syndrome, so you question your next move.

And, you feel like you need direction because you’re everywhere - but getting nowhere.  

You’re feeling stuck in that purgatory between ground zero and massive growth.

It’s like your internal thermostat is set to self-destruct, only you’re never sure when

And you definitely don’t know WHY

Whenever your business achievement spikes - your personal achievement plummets. Or, you’re suddenly plagued with another problem that brings you right back to neutral.

Your comfort zone. Only it’s not comfortable anymore. 

The thing is, you haven’t done anything wrong. 

Everything you’ve done up until this point has brought you success. These challenges you’re having…

They’re next-level challenges. And they only spring up when you’ve had massive success. So, you should be proud of yourself.  

All your hard work has worked.

Sometimes, it’s about owning where you’re at. 

But, once you hit this level, what got you here will only keep you here. It won’t propel you forward. 

You don’t dare admit it out loud, but sometimes YOU’RE not even sure what you really want.

You’ve become good friends with chaos - when what you really want is to feel fulfilled, not just professionally but also on a deeper, more personal level.

To make matters worse, you’ve likely had these discouraging little morsels fed to you as ‘helpful’ advice:

  • Work harder, hustle more - even though you’ve already taken on too much
  • You just have to MAKE time for it…
  • Work on your self-confidence (*but HOW?!) 

But, you know as well as I do that these are all superficial fixes that are missing personalized guidance to help you create the balanced and fulfilling life you desire.

Instead of addressing the root causes and helping you make meaningful changes in your life - they barely scratch the surface. 

But, what if there was another way to get everything you want out of your personal and professional life?

Stop Reacting. Surpass Your Limits. Step Into Your Potential.

Whether you’re struggling with client demands, juggling 16 different practice management activities, or jolting awake at 3 a.m. to dissect your day…

I want you to know there is a way out. 

Right now, you may have band-aid solutions in place - patching your way from day to day…

When what you actually need is a solution that goes beyond mere time management and dives into the complexities of your life, helping you identify and address the underlying factors that keep you from achieving balance. 

A truly holistic approach that recognizes how your personal and professional life are all intertwined…

… And a total, neural rewiring of your beliefs. 

By breaking down your complex life into manageable pieces, closing skill gaps, and refocusing on what truly matters, you can get excited about your future and radically improve your life. 

You deserve a personalized solution that goes beyond surface-level advice and supports you on your journey toward a balanced and rewarding life.

One where you feel a sense of fulfillment and contentment in all areas, knowing you’re making progress and achieving your goals.

And, once you experience greater alignment between your personal values and your career, you can create a sense of purpose beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.

I know, because it happened to me.

Suzanne Photoshoot

I Used To Believe Them When They Said
“That’s Just Life”

You know when you draaag yourself from the office after a long day (knowing you’ll put in a few extra hours tonight), you were ‘busy’ all day but can’t recall anything that actually got DONE and then when you seek comfort, you’re told: 

Well… that’s just life”

Turns out, it’s not - and I’ll show you why…

When I began my personal development journey I was burnt out, felt like a failure on multiple levels, and had no idea how to make changes to become what I wanted to experience.

In a word: stuck.

Along with feeling overwhelmed, I wasn't achieving the professional results I was capable of and my health and happiness were slipping.

I was beyond my breaking point.

Then, this wise voice whispered out of nowhere (... okay, I’ll admit - it was my spouse):

“If you could only see yourself as I see you, you would never doubt yourself again.” 

It was at that moment that the pieces fell into place.

So, I dove deep into personal development and started on my own transformational journey that radically transformed my life…

I was able to:

• Break free from deep-rooted procrastination habits 

• Achieve amazing results at work without having to work harder 

• Focus on the present and be excited about the future

My mission is to work with financial professionals to consciously create balanced success in their lives so that they are able to fully impact their own families and clients creating a ripple effect beyond our relationship.

When you have personalized guidance that addresses the root causes of your struggles, you feel empowered to create a fulfilling life that covers both career success and personal well-being. 

Imagine a life where you have control over your schedule, the freedom to prioritize what truly matters, and the ability to achieve remarkable results. 

But, you‘ve been here before.  

You’ve followed the ‘proven formulas’ for success, but nothing really resonated. Even though you:

  • Tried to go at it alone and piecemeal together productivity hacks and time management techniques. But they barely scratched the surface, missing the deeper issues that were holding you back from achieving work-life balance. 
  • Attended your firm’s in-house practice management and ‘coaching’ workshops, but a 30-minute speaker isn’t enough, you need that consistency. You can’t just hear something once and change things overnight.
  • Read countless books on stress & time management and they gave you a temporary escape - but let's face it, they didn't provide the personalized guidance you needed to truly transform your life
  • Tried Youtube’s mindfulness and meditation techniques - and while they did help you relax, they didn't offer practical strategies to restructure your life and achieve that lasting balance you crave.
  • Or, maybe you worked with a business coach. And they were all about making you money, but failed to understand the crucial impact work-life balance has on your overall well-being.

I get it. I’ve been there too.

That generic advice or one-size-fits-all solution? It simply can't handle the complexities of your unique challenges.

When your programming is so deeply ingrained, it takes more than cookie-cutter courses to rewire your beliefs. 

It's time to dive deeper and find a solution that truly understands your individual circumstances and aspirations.

Go from chaos to clarity in just 6 months

Introducing the R.O.E. Method Mastermind: 

A comprehensive life & business transformation journey that will empower you to take control of your schedule, your business, and your future, so you can achieve spectacular results and send ripples of success through every area of your life

R.O.E. is a 6-month coaching program that helps you rediscover your passion and excitement for both your professional and personal pursuits by Revitalizing your potential, Organizing your mind, and Exponentially improving your life.

What’s Inside R.O.E. Mastermind

Your 3-Stage Success System:

Stage 1 - Clarity

Months 1-2

  • Your custom Full Life Evaluation
  • Tapping into the Subconscious
  • Creating a higher self-concept
  • Mindset & your perceptions on health, aging, and being enough

Stage 2 - Rewiring

Months 3-4

  • Working on your business (and not just in your business)
  • Time audits & how to structure your week for success 
  • Money and wealth accumulation
  • Personal branding

Stage 3 - Strategy

Months 5-6

  • Refocusing on morning and evening routines 
  • Decluttering your environment 
  • Navigating change with family and friends
  • Building a ‘Fab 5’

Enroll now and you’ll have access to:

  • 6 Private Coaching Sessions that allow you to ask questions and benefit from 1:1 coaching. The cornerstone of the program where you’ll get direct feedback, answers to all your most pressing questions, and confirmation you are on the right track with mindset and strategy
  • 2 Private Strategy Sessions where we build out your implementation plan for success, so you gain clarity and confidence to make real, lasting change
  • Weekly Group Coaching held in a private Zoom group. In a world where everyone tries to jockey for who’s best, you’ll get a safe space to be vulnerable and work through different stumbling points or roadblocks
  • 6 Live Group Mindset Rewiring Sessions which follow meditation & hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), to gently yet EFFECTIVELY rewire your internal programming (session will be uploaded to the Facebook group)
  • 6 Months of Regular Access to Suzanne via VOXER, for urgent, between-session support when you need it most
  • Exclusive VIP Facebook Community, where you’ll connect with other like-minded, driven professionals and create an inspiring network of people to keep you going 
  • 6 Masterclasses and an arsenal of worksheets, guides, and resources, so you can crank up your progress - fast. And, you'll finish this program with all of the tools you need to streamline your business and simplify your life

Plus, 2 exclusive bonuses that will accelerate your results…


3 ‘Ask Me Anything’ group sessions per WEEK

For extra support, accountability, and guidance when you need a sounding board. You’ll have access to Suzanne 3 times a week to guide you through the sticky situations or questions that inevitably pop up.


6 Expert Trainings

These Guest Masterclasses will feature 6 industry leaders to help you reset your internal success thermostat and break those business goals

When I first heard Suzanne speak, I felt like she was talking to me. I was sitting there crying to break my heart, thinking ‘I need to get this woman, I need to speak to her.’ I could not take any more on and I did not know how to manage what I had going on. Like every woman in business, we’re all the same: driven, high-energy, and intelligent. What happens when you’re that person is everyone else turns to you. You literally become everything to everybody. It’s hard. You can’t do everything. Working with Suzanne… I was blown away. Suzanne works on me as a person and a business owner. She gave me the tools to let go. I have a breakthrough every time I work with her. I need her when I’m going to the next level. She helps me refocus to break down the small steps, and attainable goals. For me and my personal growth - every time I recognize I’m overwhelmed, that I have too much going on… Suzanne brings me back and grounds me again. She teaches me that I’ve got this. -Tracey

Here’s What Life Could Look Like In Just 6 Short Months…

With my experienced guidance, we’ll take a holistic look at your life and set new goals around health, wealth, business, relationships, space, intuition, and more. 

Discover how to regain control and balance through a carefully curated selection of online modules, combined with personalized one-on-one coaching designed to support you as you apply these key concepts to your life. 

Imagine if you could have:

  • A sounding board to work through challenges and ask the *right questions to move you forward (... and someone who’s worked in the industry, but still offers that unbiased perspective you won’t get from your colleagues)
  • Radical mindset shifts to obliterate a lifetime of negative programming that keeps you playing small or sliding back from success
  • A renewed sense of purpose, as your business becomes a vehicle for creating the life you've always dreamed of
  • Clarity on not only who you are called to serve, but how you can use your strengths to reach, connect, and convert your ideal clients
  • The vibrant energy to pour into meaningful work and nurturing relationships, prioritizing community over competition
  • A life where you thrive without feeling constantly on edge. No more constant stress and overwhelm
  • Learn a comprehensive, step-by-step strategy for setting up your business systems and assets. This is where you’ll find the exact method to refine your entire business into a sleek, profitable empire that doesn’t require you to work long hours hunched over your laptop


This Can Be The Year You Break Through Those Obstacles That Are Holding You Back From Lasting Success

And I can help you get there. 

It’s no secret that many financial professionals spend top dollar on courses that don’t deliver results. 

Or join high-level programs that speak to the masses and leave you craving more customization. 

Sound familiar?

You’re ambitious, independent & have rock-solid determination… but the results don’t match.

You didn’t start a business to be chained to your desk. Or work 67 hours a week.

As you grow your business, time is your most valuable commodity. 

The fact is you could spend years and countless dollars of trial-and-error learning all the business and mindset foundations on your own.

And, of course, there are many online gurus who’ll promise you the world… but don’t deliver (... and you’ve worked too hard to throw money away.)

You could pay $10,000 plus for access to NLP Practitioners, Expert Speakers, Practice Management Seminars, Accountability Coaches, and all the worksheets and guides you need for success.

But, because I want to help as many people as possible grow their businesses, I decided to put all the same transformative methods, guides, and systems into a program that you can experience at a fraction of the price. 

Pay in Full

Save $500 when you pay in full today!

(Best Value)


Payment Plan

Pay just $750 today! Then five more monthly payments of $750.

6 x $750

For the 2023 cohort I am also opening up 5 spots for my exclusive Accelerated Results Track. This includes everything in R.O.E. Mastermind plus:

24 Private 1:1 Coaching Sessions where we’ll work together weekly to dig deep and put you on the fast track to growth. We’ll move through each one of your goals in depth, continuously re-evaluating progress and relevance for YOU.

This is for you…

Want even more accountability 

Are committed to investing in yourself to get the best results

Want Suzanne all to yourself.


Pay just $1,150 today then 5 more monthly payments of $1,150.

6 x $1,150

If you want to be the best, you have to surround yourself with the best… 

Ever think,

“I wish I could have my own Mentor, Strategist, AND Accountability Partner on call… plus an intimate, private community of professionals just like me?” 

That’s where I come in. 

The fact is, I only take on 20 new students each session to ensure you get the full, personalized attention you deserve. 

And the community we form together helps you know that you are not alone. 

Personal support and guidance are critical to achieving success - and they’re also scarce in the virtual world course where endless modules and FAQs have replaced 1:1 support. 

But, you know this simple truth from your own financial planning business:

In order to foster genuine connection and lasting change, you need to click with the person in front of you…

… in a private, safe space. 

And that’s why I offer the perfect balance of monthly private coaching and self-paced modules to ensure you achieve maximum results. 

‍“Investing in yourself is the best money you will ever spend. Suzanne is a great coach and is worth the investment.” --  A.L ( Mortgage Agent)

Read the full story

“Working with Suzanne has been transformational. She has changed the way I think about finances, wealth, abundance, and even more than that, my self-worth.”   - C.M (Business Owner)


Q: I’ve tried other courses before and it didn’t work. How do I know this will work for me?

I get it. You’ve done your research and want to guarantee you that this is the right choice and will work for you. 

Maybe you’re like some of my clients who are so overwhelmed they will either explode or implode.

Or, you’re trapped in your own business with zero flexibility, little sleep, and absolutely no self-care.

Don’t worry, I created this mentorship program with you in mind. 

In 6 months, we’ll refocus to break everything down into small, easily digestible chunks. You’ll have everything you need to confidently grow your business, without questioning your decisions, direction, or whether you’ll break through this plateau (you will!) 

So, I guarantee you’ll gain a clear vision, a comprehensive structure, actionable steps, and a massive surge in confidence and courage. 

But, this program isn’t more theory or information - it’s going to ask you to stretch, grow and put yourself out there. 

Bottom line: this program will work as long as you do the work. 

Q: How is this different from other coaching programs?

You know that feeling of being completely safe?

Where you never feel afraid to say how you’re feeling. It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to laugh.

And that feeling of talking to someone who doesn’t know you - but in the end really knows you. Just open. 

That’s the type of relationship you’ll get working with me. 

The business world is brimming with conferences and sessions where everyone's trying to jockey for who’s best. And looking to outdo themselves.

When you’re in that world for so long, it’s hard to lay down your mask and be vulnerable. To share what ISN’T working as much as what is.

But, that mask is also stunting your growth. It’s hiding your true potential more than it’s hiding your perceived ‘flaws.’

Once you are able to talk about what’s really going on - without judgment - your entire world opens up. 

The fact is, the R.O.E mastermind isn’t just another course

It’s an intentional, highly personalized mentorship.  

In 6 months, you’ll discover exactly how to refine, focus, and radically improve your business - and your personal life.

This experience will change the way you approach your life and how you serve your clients because you’ll be more in touch with your business - and YOURSELF - than ever before.

Q: Can’t I just do this myself?

Absolutely! But, I ask this with love: 

You haven’t, have you?

You’re at a crossroads and ready for growth, but it feels uncomfortable to reach out for help when YOU’RE normally the one people turn to when things get crazy.

The truth is, seeking out a mentor is a sign of strength - not of weakness. 

A mentor will ask you the right questions, listen with empathy, and help you bust through plateaus. 

So, you’ll save time, bypass costly mistakes, and invest in your most important asset: yourself. 

And YOU are never a bad investment. 

Q: I’m not sure I have time right now, should I wait until I build up my business/hire more staff/the stars all align?


As a driven, ambitious professional, it’s hard to stomach the thought of adding one more thing to your day when your calendar already resembles a crazed Tetris game. 

But, what if that one more thing will actually lead to LESS overwhelm?

It’s true, this program takes commitment - and if you’re anything like my clients, you’re no stranger to commitment. You wouldn’t be where you are today without it.

If you’re on the fence right now because you haven’t been able to find the right structure or support - this program will change your life. 

Some of my clients say that looking back on it, it wasn’t actually about the time commitment - they were more scared about putting themselves out there.

Only you can decide if it’s really about time… or about finally investing in yourself. 

When you’re ready, I’ll be waiting for you.